About Us

Nitin Shrivastava

Born in Jabalpur, India, in a very spiritual and musically-inclined family, Nitinshri, immersed himself into the musical tradition at a very young age, commencing his journey into the world of music when he was just four years old. He received training in classical music from prominent practitioners of this genre in India and got his first degree, a "Bachelor of Arts" in music, at the tender age of ten. His main inspiration towards making a career in music was his father.

Even as Nitinshri underwent training in classical music, he began performing in musical shows across the country. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in business management, but music and meditation is his soul.

Winning awards and accolades for his captivating voice and extraordinary talents as a singer is nothing new to Nitin Shrivastava. He has been doing this with flair since the time he was a kid in school. Over the years he has garnered multiple awards in prestigious singing competitions, most of them first prizes, winning greater acclaim and catching the attention of celebrated musicians and singers with each award.

"Music is the easiest way to achieve the ultimate happiness in life. Our vision is to make everyone experience a feeling of bliss and make chanting a part of their lives" - says Nitinshri

Shanti Shrivastava

Shanti has always felt a deep connection with India and Indian culture since childhood. Her name "Shanti" means peace which perfectly signifies her nature and work. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for long and is now a Relaxation therapist. She has developed her own style which every individual, no matter what their physical condition, can practice it and benefit through greater flexibility, balance, and a state of relaxation.

Her relaxation techniques are an essential component of SARAL, taking listeners into a different world, helping them forget everything for a few moments and enjoy the silence of music.

Meditation is not to expect something, you should expect nothing. If you experience something its good. Let it just go, if you experience nothing then its great